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♥ stephanie

i am female. i am a high school student. i play bass. i can be a bitch if you're a bitch to me. i am very sarcastic. i can say hurtful things and not mean it. i love music. music i like consists of: scarling., jack off jill, green day, smashing pumpkins, silverchair, jimi hendrix, alice in chains, nine inch nails, hot hot heat, incubus, type o negative, rammstein, mindless self indulgence, jimmy eat world, led zeppelin, nirvana, orgy, the strokes, weezer, korn, thursday, avenged sevenfold. very eclectic, no?


to: ___ from: me
you only wish you knew what went on inside of my head. you're nothing but a wannabe trying to fit in. trying to make the cut. but you're simply a fool to me. i see through you like a shard of glass.


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i like creative people. i like people who have the same interests as me. i like people who are open minded. i like people who like the same music as me. i like people with a high IQ. i like people who are worthwhile to talk to. i like people who update with interesting posts. i like abnormal people. i like musicians and poets and photographers.

i don't like people who tYpE lYke Dis or any other variations of the sort. i don't like ignorant people. i don't like homophobes. i don't like bible thumpers. i don't like people who are blind to the world around them. i don't like naive people. i don't like immature people.

think i'll like you? then comment on my friends only entry.♥